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We have witnessed great leaps in digital world in last decade. There were many innovations that changed the way of advertising. But, believe us or not, we are getting even better and better every day. Here is another change in the world of digital advertising that we are going to experience with the OGLAS android app. A ground-breaking advertising platform which is set to change the advertising world. Targeting your exact audience has now become easy, thanks to OGLAS!


Our Best Features


Have you ever thought of earning ton of money doing nothing? Surprised right, it is as true as your zillion dollar smile. As a user you just need to install this easy app Oglas. Simple leisure activities such as making/receiving calls will allow you to earn tremendously. Let us give you a snapshot of how it operates: During the call you will see a banner ad partly on your mobile screen, the moment you complete your mobile conversation that banner advertisement will be displayed in full screen for few seconds. You will be paid for each call you make and each call you receive. It is as simple that you will earn huge through this amazing way. Another option to earn money is that the moment you start browsing Oglas app there will be an option of social earning. In this particular section, you will see title and a like button and as and when you will click on like button you will get a certain amount for liking that particular page. You love watching videos online right, now make money watching the video. Yes, it’s totally true! In the app there will be a section of videos, wherein you can earn money. You will mint fixed amount of money for watching those videos from the list of videos. Guys, it is as easy as pie. Make your mobile, money making machine. Believe us you will love doing this, do not waste your time, plunge in. Refer Oglas to your friends and family.


What if we say just tell us about your target audience and we’ll make a bridge between you and your target audience. Isn’t it something that will blow your mind with hundreds of questions? Yes the right answer for all your questions is Oglas.
All your worries about reaching the right target audience are answered here at Oglas. We understand the importance of your single penny, this is the reason we have introduced cost effective advertising model that hits bull’s eye. Yes, Oglas, a Mobile App that offers effective and entirely different advertising platform that targets the real audience. Here, you will get the most out of your valuable investment within shorter time frame. We are damn sure you are going to be completely satisfied with our quality services.


Oglas creates win-win situation for advertisers and end users. Smart advertisers choose Oglas due to its tons of benefits. This cost effective advertising channel are best designed to suit your needs. With this fruitful association with us you will be easily reaching your potential customers with effective frequency. Videos, Social media and apps are some of the best and effective advertising channels. Come make most of your advertising budget.
Who says, money gets money, as an end user you get money for doing nothing. This Oglas app helps you earn income for just making calls to your loved ones. Not only this, you earn for receiving calls, watching videos and liking social media pages. No one offers such a simple way of earning money without investing a penny, but we do.
This association among Advertisers, end users and Oglas will create fruitful relationships, right target right market, engaged members and help you make great business.

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