About Us

About us

We have witnessed great leaps in digital world in last decade. There were many innovations that changed the way of advertising. But, believe us or not, we are getting even better and better every day. Here is another change into the world of digital advertising that we are going to experience with the OGLAS android app. A ground-breaking advertising platform which is set to change the advertising world. Targeting your exact audience has now become easy, thanks to OGLAS!
As a user, you may explore money minting OGLAS App, first of its kind in the current market scenario. Install this amazing application and earn consistent income. Moreover, refer it to your loved ones and help them earn extensively.
You as an advertiser can take huge benefit out of this Mobile App. Yes, if you want to advertise your products or services to your target audiences at cost next to nothing, this is the exact platform to showcase your products and services to your potential customers.

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What We Do

Oglas is just a simplified and targeted advertising platform that can be fruitful for every one of us. In last decade mobile internet users have flooded and the number is increasing rapidly day by day. But advertisers don’t have any medium or advertising platform to reach directly to these mobile users.
To reach these mobile users, advertising approach is completely different from other advertising medium like desktop advertising, and Oglas is here with that different approach to reach these mobile users to achieve your advertising goals.

Who We Are

One word can define us and that is Transformers. Yes, we are transformers of our field. With our OGLAS App, we will revolutionize the world of digital advertising. Fuelled by passion, we are young and dynamic advertising campaign company. Backed by couple of decade’s experience, we have brought healthy transformation in advertising arena by exploring all innovative mediums and unveiling the hidden potential of our client’s brands. We are both a client servicing company as well as a product company. Our only vision is to offer you with the remarkable level of services. We believe in complete client satisfaction and client retention. We are a pool of experts dedicated to our common objective. We love what we do and we are proud of our achievements.